Jerry Lee Lewis

Listen They're Playing My Song(Ukulele chords)

Jerry Lee Lewis

Key: C

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C                 F         C                         G7 
Down the street a baby just cried when he woke up all alone 

  C                            F        C 
A train's leaving town oh that lonesome sound  

               G7           C 
Is chilling me right to the bone 

  F                                                          G7 
A song is playing I can barely hear about a love that's gone wrong 

    C             F            C                   G7         C 
The freezing rain on my window pane listen they're playing my song 

                       F          C                             G7 
Taps being played by a sold-ier's grave so sad it torments your soul 

C                       F          C                 G7       C    C7 
Listen to that old cold north wind blow tonight it's dark and cold 

Somewhere a siren cuts through the night  

It sounds like the whole world's gone wrong 

C                      F             C                    G7         C 
Thunder just warned oh it's coming a storm listen they're playing my song 

               G7         C 
Listen they're playing my song

Written by Glen Garrison/Charlie Williams

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