Glen Campbell

Same Old Places(Ukulele chords)

Glen Campbell

Key: D

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Intro:  D 

verse 1 

         Bm       D 
I always see her  
                Bm     D 
in the same ole places 
       Bm              Em    F#  Bm 
and it breaks my heart into 
           F#      Bm 
To see her smiling 
            E        G 
To see her laughing  
             Em   D 
with someone new 

verse 2 

          Bm       D 
I'd give anything  
           Bm         D 
to win her back again 
      Bm                     Em  F#  Bm 
But I destroyed her love for me 
            F#          D 
Just like a crazy fool  
            Bm          G 
I broke the sacred rule 
                    Em       G#  D# 
And now, she's gone from me 

verse 3 

           Cm     D# 
And so you see me  
                Cm     D# 
at the same ole places 
     Cm               F   G  Cm           
Everywhere we used to go 
Oh how I'd give anything 
           Cm    G# 
To be with her again 
at the same ole places (start Fadeing) 

Anywhere we used to go  

I'd go with you
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