Glen Campbell

I Don't Believe You(Ukulele chords)

Glen Campbell

Key: D

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	        Intro: D Bm D Em D A7sus4 D A7sus4 

verse 1 

  D          A7sus4         D        A7sus4 
I Can't understand, she let go of my hand. 
    D            A7sus4     D    A7sus4 
And left me here facing the wall. 
         D       G     D             A7sus4 
I'd sure like to know, why she would go. 
    D               A7sus4          D 
But now I can't get close to her at all. 

D Bm F#m Though we kissed thru the wild blazing night time. G A She said she would never forget. A7 D Em D Em But now morning is clear it's just like I ain't here. D Em D Em D Em She just acts like we never have met.
verse 2 D A7sus4 D A7sus4 If I didn't have to guess well I'd gladly confess, D G D A7sus4 To anything that I might have might have tried. D G D Em I was with her too long or I done something wrong D Em D I wish she'd tell me what it is I'll run and hide.
Bm F#m From darkness dreams are deserted. G A A7 Am I still dreaming yet? D A7sus4 D A7sus4 Well I wish she'd unlock, her voice once and talk, D A7sus4 D 'stead of acting like we never have met.
verse 3 E F#m E F#m If she ain't feeling well, then why don't she tell? E A E F#m 'Stead of turning her back to my face. E A E F#m Without any doubt now she seems too far out, E A E for me to return to her chase.
E C#m G#m Though the night ran swirling and whirling, A B B7 I remember her whispering yet. E A E F#m But evidently she don't, evidently she won't. E A E She just acts we never have met.
Bridge E A E F#m Well I'm leaving today, I'll be on my way. E A E A And of this I can't say very much. E A E A But if you want me to, I can be just like you. E F#m E And pretend that we never have met. Outro C#m G#m And if anybody should ask me. A B B7 Is it easy to forget? E A E F#m I'll say it's easily done, you just pick anyone, E A E And pretend that you never have met. A E A E F#m E F#m E
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