Gene Clark

Dragon's Eye(Ukulele chords)

Gene Clark

Key: Bm

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	        Intro:  Bm  G  F#m  Bm (2X) 

Bm                 G      A            Bm 
Saint Christopher, patron saint of the traveler 
G      A          Bm            G            A     Bm 
Got my baby on my shoulder as I stand on the river side 
            G      A       Bm      G  A 
My daughter and my son are hungry 
         Bm                        E  
We ain't got no money but we got a lot of pride 

A 									    Bm 
Father Domingos said 'you'll sing with the angels on the river bank' 
G                                             F#m                      D E 
Thank the Lord that you can still afford to go up to the land of the free 
A 							    Bm 
Mommy and Graces took all of our savings and gave it to the man on side 
To get us under the fence and then we can make it 
       F#m                     D  E 
In the land of the dragon's eye  
       F#m                         D  
In the land where the dragons fly 

Give us Mother Mary The strength just to carry on 
Children Go to angels fight in the city of the lost angels tonight 

Father Rodriquez Said 'God won't you save us We're going over there tonight' Into the land of the free Where there's lots of money 
And we can lay down our pride 
Oriental finger painters were just born out of their own pride 
They made more money when a man from New York 
Laid down a dollar bill on their lives 
And he looked into the dragon's eye 


Father Domingos Said '... I give you the blessings Of Saint Christopher in here tonight ...' The star is shining As we cross over the river Into the land of all of the free And people working through  
Revolution Has never been a solution and we haven't got the way tonight 
Bring back the treasure Of Montezuma Then we'll have our angel's eyes 
The dragon's eye into the dragon's eye 
Nothing to fear In the dragon's eye 

by: José Duarte 
[email protected] 


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