Frankie Cosmos

Is It Possible Sleep Song(Ukulele chords)

Frankie Cosmos

Key: E

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E      B       A 
When I say goodbye 
                 E            B     
You act like you want something 
Or you're realizing 
E     B     A 
Is it possible 
              E       B 
That I really miss you 
Or am I pissed at you 
E         B       A 
What's up with my fate 
          E   B 
Is it too late 
Or is it going to change 
E    B     A 
If I let myself 
           E    B 
I could go crazy 
Or maybe if you let me 

E                    B                A 
Now that I know that every time I get sad you just hate me 
E             B                  A 
You can go to sleep and sleep it off peacefully 
E                B             A 
I'll be here all night feeling totally fucked 
E              B              A 
Wondering what tomorrow'll be like and staying up 
  E                 B                      A 
I guess I just make myself the victim like you said 
       E            B                       A 
That's why when you treat me shitty you get mad 
   E         B                    A 
It all makes sense now, thanks so much 
    E      B              A 
Goodbye forever, what the fuck
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