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Wild Catch(Ukulele chords)

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Key: G

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G                       C 
Every night, I see your face 
G                                  C 
Breathing a lightly and irregular pace 
G                                   C 
Laying softly down the curve of my arm 
            E                        F 
Lay in here baby, donít break up the charm 
            C                                             G 
And I will see that you get what you needs when comes the day 
                     F                                  C                                                
I know about the hungry feeling, and I hate to be away 

   F            C 
Or naked in the bath 
        F              C 
With a cigarette in my mouth 
      F                C       G            C 
When you need me to go out or stay... 

         G                         C 
All the dreams you've lost and abandoned 
                G                         C 
They will rest gently in the verses of my song 
               G                          C 
I'm a vampire baby, but one of flesh and blood 
              E                     F 
I live on the curve of your pierced nipple, 
             C                              G 
I play in a movie and a thousand skies are falling 
               F                       C 
And your seven brothers are carefully standing 

               F                 C 
Clicking their pistols on their thighs, 
      F                C 
They like to wear them tight, 
        F                  C        G       C 
They'd love to go out and play with me... 

         G            C 
Oh but I am, one wild catch, 
            G                        C 
I'm not interested in the facts of a life 
            G                     C 
When babies get born, it makes me sad, 
           E                    F 
Was I once crooked or genuinely bad ? 
           C                                    G 
How one follows one and marries the sister of another, 
                 F                               C 
And the noise of lovemaking of these tiny little creatures, 

   F              C 
It wakes me up at night, 
F                C 
Shivering in the dark, 
F             C       G 
Is it time to say goodbye ? 

C E F G 

Well I was once caught up, 
In some kind of high noon confrontation and I thought 
F                                G                          
Hey well darling here comes our train baby here comes our train 

C    E     F   G 
Here comes our train 
C    E     F   G 
Here comes our train 

G                         C 
And in the glory of the moment, 
                    E                     F                 G 
I will see that you always know where you are, and who you are 
And that you'll always have someone to go to, 
               E                          F 
And someone to talk to, someone that will always 
Dare to meet your eyes, 
Even when the storms break, 
           E                        F                      G 
And clouds melt with the smoke of a train coming up your way 
Please don't be scared here comes your train 

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