Christy Hennessy

Roll Back The Clouds(Ukulele chords)

Christy Hennessy

Key: G

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                  G                                C 
I've been sitting here so long, for you to hear my song, 
            D                                G 
And all you want to know, have I been on the radio, 
                  G                                    C 
Who's the biggest star I've seen, what is my favourite scene, 
         D                           G  
And if I get the job would I sing on Mars. 
                G                             C 
Yes Sir I would sing on Mars, I'd play upon a star, 
         D                            G 
I'd sing songs of the Sun and when my job was done, 
              G                                 C 
I would say I love you so, I'd like to play one more, 
         D                         G 
Just for all young lovers, for the road. 

C G Tell me Son, yeah just how far, C D I need to go to be a star.
Verse G C I have known my highs and lows, I've worked in every show, D G I've played in every town, brought some houses down, G C The critics never noticed me, I'm not a star you see, D G And yet I give my heart to every part. G C I would stand for hours and hours, I'd walk through some showers, D G With my dancing shoes and my dreams and views, G C I walk upon an empty stage with one light in my face, D G To be told don't phone us, but we'll phone you.
C G Tell me Son, yeah just how far, C D I need to go to be a star.
Bridge G C Every day the same old scene, the same old happenings, D G A hundred miles of shows and no place to go, G C And when your luck has all run out, you're asked to take a bow, D G You've just stolen the show now you're on your own.
C G Yes Sir I would sing on Mars, C D My dream scene is me a star,
Outro D Is me a star, G I am a star.

Written by Christie Hennessy

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