Christine Natalia

Majestic Place(Ukulele chords)

Christine Natalia

Key: G

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	        Am     G     F  
The royal son, the chosen one  
Am     G     F  
one to rule all, one to be praised  
Am     G     F     G     Am   
praise him for him, his sacrifice  

Am     G     F  
the righteous man, banned by sin  
Am     G     F  
left heaven and came to earth  
Am     G     F     G     Am   
save us from death, a terrible fate  

F     C     G     Am  
And i accept the grace you gave me  
F     C     Am  
forsake the worldly me  
F     C     G      Am  
and i will follow you forever  
F     G     Am   
to your majestic place  

F     C     G  
Lead me there, the way to the gates  
Am      G      F  
Gates that bring me to you  
F      C     G  
show me that, the key for the gates  
Am     G       F  
key that opens your gates
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