Chris Young

The Dashboard(Ukulele chords)

Chris Young

Key: D

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Intro: A D G 
 D                                       G 
We laughed and joked in the cab of his truck 
 D                         G 
Just my brother and me 
 D                                 G 
The night before he shipped out overseas 
 D                       G 
A leatherneck, jarhead marine 
              A                      G 
He said the radiator leaks and the timing belt is worn 
        A                                    G        A 
But the heart and soul of this old beat-up truck, 
Is the Dashboard 

D It's seen a lot of tan legs, G Got a kick ass radio, A G Heard a lot of singing along to some country songs and rock & roll, D G Got a .38 bullet hole, courtesy of Kate Tillman's dad, A G A lot of scotch tape marks from holding timeless photographs A G He said if I don't come back, you can have this Ford A D Just tape a picture of me on the dashboard
A He said the paint is peeling off, G It's got dents in both the doors A If something happens to me, G D Don't hang a for sale sign above the dashboard
D I had the engine overhauled, G A paint job and brand new chrome, A I had her washed and waxed, G Sitting in the drive the day he came home A G I said here's your keys, she's all yours A D I fixed everything, but the dashboard

Written by Monty Criswell

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