Buck Owens

He Don't Deserve You Anymore(Ukulele chords)

Buck Owens

Key: C

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	        C                             F 
When I found you darling then he saw his big mistake 

   G7                                          C 
Saw what he was losing felt his heart begin to break 

Please don't let him talk you bout the way he's done before 

         G7                                         C 
Why he's had a hundred chances he don't deserve you anymore 

Let his eyes do the crying let his feet walk the floor 

        G7                                              C 
Let his heart do the breaking like he's let yours break before 

Let his lips do the sighing let his heartaches start to soar 

        G7                                      C 
Let his arms do the aching he don't deserve you anymore 

He took you for granted and he only brought you shame 

   G7                                           C 
It was never his intention to let you share his name 

The lonely hours you've waited now won't happen anymore 

    G7                                                  C 
For it's his turn to feel the hurt he don't deserve you anymore
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