Born Ruffians

And On And On And On(Ukulele chords)

Born Ruffians

Key: D

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Intro riff 

     D                  A           G 

Chorus riff 
   G               A               D 
D A G Ohhhh oh hohohoho ho and on and on G A I write to you D G A to tell you true, not that I used to be just like you G A D Because I'm still confused and ill D G Relief, relief, I wish I was a pill G A D G Cuz all I do, yes all I do, is try so hard to get better G A D G But see, people like a freak show don't want to see a kid grow, go from fucked up to normal G A D and on and on and on ohhhhh oh hohohohoho and on and on G A D So what is it provokes the voice that only spoke G When family heirloom broke on the doorway A It should've been my hand D I'm not a good man G I try so hard, I try so hard to be one G A D G And see, I look out to you, the fuck I hate you too, you gave me everything I ever wanted G A D And see I like to watch things burn, and see what might return G A phoenix, arises from the ashes G A D G and on and on and on ohhhhh oh hohohohoho and on and on HO HO HO ohhhhh…. G A Not everything can be light and bright and filled with color D G See somethings that are just black and white and dead or duller G A Open up your windows and feel outside D G the rain is falling steadily through the night G A Drops they constellate as one oh, D take of all your clothes and run oh, D G until you are good and gone and turning into nothing G Its like a rising sun oh, A D gotta look away and back again oh, G to understand the changes that we are going through oh G A D G It goes on and on and on and on, on and on and on and on, on and on and on and on, on and on and on and on
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