Paradise(Ukulele chords)


Key: G

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	        G        D              C        D 
One man used his mighty voice to call 
     G       D               C      G 
Was All for one, and baby, one for all 
          D           C        G 
Bullets rang and he lost his life 
             G     C          D     G       
It was a bloody day here in paradise 

D Paradise C D It ain't hard to find G D C D Lookin' out your window at the world outside D Paradise C D It ain't far away G D C G Here in my head it's just another day D G Here in paradise … paradise
G D C D Cardboard boxes line these city streets G D C G Playin' home for the hearts full of misery D C G and I got a room with a view that's nice C D G Just living on the hard side here in paradise Chorus G D Yeah Well, baby I was wrong C G I shouldn’t have said those things G D C G I should have brought you flowers, love and wedding rings G D C G I walk alone and I’ll Pay the price G D C G For livin' on the wrong side of paradise Chorus G D And I'm falling for paradise And I'm falling for paradise

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