The Casanovas

Shake It(Tabs)

The Casanovas

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Key: B
Tabbed by chris 
Just heard this on the radio, reminded me that i never  
got around tabbing it (i spose its old now). No doubt i  
have it (at least) slightly off - i think the riffs are  
mixed up every now and then. If you can, please fix it.  
But it sounds close enough for a start. 
  B                  A                   E              E? (or A?) 
The riff is played fairly quick but if you have played  
around with scale its based on, its not too hard.  
Also, the E is either held or it goes back to A, i'd need to  
hear the song again cause both sound alright to me. 
So just play around with that riff going back to the A, or holding 
the E. And if you can, please fix it up.  
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