The Badloves

Holy Roadside(Tabs)

The Badloves

Tabbed by Drew Sutherland 
Played with a capo on the 3rd fret, this song consists of only 3 chords  

	in that order just play the 3 chords over and over again. Listen to the  
song for the changes and rhythm.  
 This is my best guess at the lead part played over the chords - 
And they all ...                lay down.....		       
b -----------0---------------0--------2----------------2---------- 
g -----------0----------0-------------2----------2---------------- 
d -----------0----0h2----2------------2---0h2------2-------------- 
a -----------2------------------------0--------------------------- 
e -----------3------------------------0--------------------------- 
   lay down......		 holy roadside ...... 
e --0----0-------------------------3-------------------------------- 
b --1h3-----3----------------------0-------------------------------- 
g --0------------------------------0-------------------------------- 
d --2------------------------------0-------------------------------- 
a --3------------------------------2----2---0----------------------- 
e --0------------------------------3------------3------------------- 
As the chords are repeated throughout the song there are other little  
fill bits that you could figure out by listening or you can just adlib  
using the notes from those chords. 
	Its quite a wordy song so I'm not going to type up all the lyrics - if  
you really want them you can email me at [email protected] 
Any other queries or corrections are welcome to. 

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