Your Blue Room(Keyboard chords)


Key: Em

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Em           D 
It's time to go again  
F              C 
 To your blue room  
Em                     D 
 Got some questions to ask of you  
F              C 
 In your blue room  
The air is clean  
Your skin is clear  
I've had enough of  
hanging round here  
It's a different kind of conversation  
In your blue room  
Saw me coming  
In and outside  
Saw me coming  
Somewhere to hide  
And time is a string of pearls  
Your blue room  
Once again  
See the future just hanging there  
Your blue room  
A new frame  
A new perspective  
Looking down on my objectives  
Your instructions  
Whatever their directions  
Your blue room  
Saw me coming  
East by the moon  
Saw me coming  
Can you feel  
(It's allright)  
Your blue room  
One day I'll be back  
Your blue room  
Yeah, I hope I remember where it's at  
Your blue room  
F    E                C   
 We see me slide down  
G         D                 C  G 
  Won't you give me a home  
      D                 Em (e continua a sequência Em D F C) 
 So much for change  
Solo: Base Em D F C 
Zooming in  
Zooming out  
Nothing I can't do without  
A lense to it all up close  
To Magnify what no one knows  
Never in company  
Never alone  
No car alarm  
No cellular phone 
Contribuição: Ricardo Carvalho([email protected]) 


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