The Tramps

Lord Franklin(Keyboard chords)

The Tramps

Key: G

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	        G		        C 
We were homeward bound one night on the deep 
Am		     D 
Swinging in my hammock I fell asleep 
G		C	       G 
I dreamed a dream and I thought it true 
C	       D	         C	        G 			 
Concerning Franklin and his gallant crew 
G			C	 
With 100 seamen he sailed away 
Am			     D 
To the frozen ocean in the month of May 
G		     C                   G	 
To seek a passage around the pole 
C		D	     C		G 
Where we poor sailors do sometimes go. 
G				C 
Through cruel hardships they vainly strove 
Am			         D	 
Their ships on mountains of ice was drove 
G		            C             G 
Only the Eskimo with his skin canoe 
C                              D                C          G 
Was the only one that ever came through 
G                                              C 
In Baffin's Bay where the whale fish blow 
Am			D 
The fate of Franklin no man may know 
G                                          C                 G 
The fate of Franklin no tongue can tell 
C        D                                C                G 
Lord Franklin among his seamen do dwell 
G                                              C 
And now my burden it gives me pain 
Am			D 
For my Lord Franklin I'd sail the main 
G                                          C                 G 
Ten thousand pounds I would freely give 
C                       D                  C                G 
To say on earth that my Franklin do live. 

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