The Masterless Men

Dublin In My Tears(Keyboard chords)

The Masterless Men

Key: G
| G    Gsus4 | G    Gsus4 | G    Gsus4 | G          | 


Verse 1:

G G G G7 I have travelled many lands and I still donít understand C Am D D how sad you have become on my return. G G G G Your old heart is filled with care, sad and old they left you there, Am D G G your once wiped eyes with sorrow, softly burn.
C Am G G I can even sense the change in the sound of childrenís games Am D G G7 and the dreams of youths' ambitions have all turned to death and fear. C Am G G Itís an age of wealth Iím told, but Iíve never felt so old, Am D G G as I recall old Dublin in my tears.

Verse 2:

G G G G7 All the faces that I meet as I roam each one way street C Am D D reflect the empty statements of the times. G G G G And the old cathedral bell canít be heard above the swell Am D G G for the years erase the message in her chimes.
C Am G G All my childhood friends are gone, like the street where we were born, Am D G G7 and the time that it has taken doesnít seem so many years. C Am G G They have faded in the gloom with ĎSap' Kelly of the Crew, Am D G G just a ghost of dear old Dublin in my tears.

Verse 1:

G G G G7 There were times when jobs were few, there were hungry days we knew, C Am D D some days so bad their memory Iíve cursed. G G G G And the prayer I said to God, there onboard the 'Princess Maud' Am D G G that our children would restore a pride we lost.
C Am G G But their past they all forsake, as they're dancing at her wake, Am D G G7 while the heart of Dublinís dying, nobody really cares. C Am G G And the fools, as they pass by, laugh to see an old man cry, Am D G G G G oh, I canít forget old Dublin in my tears.

Verse 1:

G G G G7 Gather round brave men and true, though our numbers they be few, C Am D D weíll drink one toast before I cross the foam. G G G G For soon in Londonís dark domain, Iíll recall how I became, Am D G G no more a stranger there than here at home.
C Am G G Now the Liffey flows along and I listen to her song Am D G G7 'till the voice of young James Larkin seems to echo in my ears. C Am G G But it's just the rafters ring, to itís requiem I sing, Am D G G farewell to dear old Dublin in my tears. Am D G G G G Farewell to dear old Dublin in my tears.

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