The Libertines

Don't look back into the sun(Keyboard chords)

The Libertines

Key: G

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Verse 1: 
G                 D 
Don't look back into the sun 
Em                     D 
Now you know that your time has come 
C                       D              G     D 
And they said that it'd never come for you 
Verse 2: 
G                D 
Oh my friend you havent changed  
Em                D 
Looking rough and living strange 
C                           D            G 
And I know the you've got a taste for it too 
C                                               G 
I shall never forgive you but she won't let you go 
C                                                D 
No shall never forgive you and they wont let you go, oh no 
Riff again (with 1st ending) 
Verse 3: 
G                        D 
I heard that song at the Death Disco 
Em                 D 
Starts so fast and ends so slow 
C              D               G     D 
All the time I had to think of you 
1 x Chorus 
Riff again (with 2nd ending) 
2 x Verse but without any singing (same chords and tab) 

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