The Dresden Dolls

Bank Of The Boston Beauty Queen(Keyboard chords)

The Dresden Dolls

Key: G

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Verse 1:

G Ab I've tried dolls that were guaranteed F sixteen or under none were very exciting G Dm Sorta like a laugh track or whacking off F G Bb they'll get you off but it's just not the real thing G Cm Its been decades since my pit days G C But I haven't shaken it - I sit there like an idiot G Ab Still caught up in the old punk protocol Ab And dreaming that the teenagers will think C that I'm a radical F and I still wait for the bus to come where Eb F the high school got torn down Cm Eb Still expecting to find true love among the Fm skateboarders hanging out F Ab In the back of the bank in my hometown
Interlude: Cm F

Verse 2:

G Am All this talk and no action's got me stiff B from the tit to the bone F C B So I'm living in la la land - but at least I'm Fm Cm not living at home G Dm Same old catcalls, the same old F chemicals Fm Same old thrills stealing stockings from G the shopping mall Cm It's simple enough to grow the fuck up F happy with the rough cut G B C Nobodys in here looking for a diamond in the rough but B F B I still wait for my mom to come and pick me up at Holly's house Cm C F 10 years after they cashed it in to make a Ab Bb multi-level parking lot for a seven-eleven Bb and Burger King Cm Ab I've got cryptographs I've got all the phones tapped Cm Am It's proof enough it is indisputable Cm Love's not good enough Fm I want photographs Cm Something that will teach me my Ab arithmetic at last...
Interlude G Cm G Bm C

Verse 3:

G Cm Better get your kids in - I'm on the loose again A B And getting more ridiculous the more I Dm F think I ought to get my mind out of the G gutter F G (it's getting dangerous, Amanda-you are Dm E old enough to be the pork) G Dm He's my own private highway from the F cradle to the grave C I save a bundle skipping middle age and Fm Saturdays G F and I still wait for the cops to come where Cm F the station since burned down G F Still expecting they'll pick me up for all the Eb F sins I committed in the back of the banged-up pickup truck Cm Bb F Cm I've got autographs, backstage passes F and leather jacket back patches up the ass Cm F Ab Ask me anything I've got evidence Cm Bb Single serving saccharine packets F Bb Ab dripping black with lipstick kisses
Instrumental Cm Bb A Ab Cm Dm F Ab Cm Am F

Verse 4:

G F I still wait for the bus to come back where Eb Dm the high school got torn down B Bb F Still expecting to find true love among the Eb F skateboarders hanging out F In the back of the bank in my home- Dm Cm I'm no pederast just out of interest Ab Cm F Thank you, but I'm capable of getting up Ab and getting dressed Cm Bb Love's not good enough I want Ab photographs Cm F Ab Something that will teach me common sense Cm Bb Time and time again F Cm Bb I think I'll dye my hair again Ab Oh god Cm Sixteen Cm No, I'm ten Ab F I'm seventeen G And a bank of Boston beauty queen...
Outro: Cm G Cm G

Written by Amanda Palmer

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