The Bosshoss

Goodbye Mary(Keyboard chords)

The Bosshoss

Key: Am

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	        This is the first tab I ever posted. 
I have not completely finished it yet, but I will soon. 


Am - G - F 


Am    F       C          G 
  Mary, I'm a sailor man now, 
  and I'm sailing the seas, yeah 
  Mary, I just want you to know 
  Tomorrow I've gotta    go, 
E            F    G                    G 
to follow my way,  I wish that I could stay, but Mary 

C E F G I'm married to the sea and the sky, yeah I hear them calling my name, so goodbye, yeah Am C Am D Am C yeah, yeah, goodbye Mary farewell, yeah, yeah E F G G Goodbye Mary, I'm married to the sea
Intro verse 2 Chorus Intro verse 3 Chorus Outro

Written by Hoss Power

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