Worst december/acoustic(Keyboard chords)


Key: G

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(G) (Dsus4)    (A) 
Its a big mistake   
(G) (Dsus4)        (A)  
50 days, 3 months away  
(G)(Dsus4)      (A) 
Id be laughing today  
(G)      (Dsus4)     (A)                        
But your voice on the phone gives me no reason  
(G)       (Dsus4) 
Don? take from me 
(G)  (Dsus4)        (A)       
My heart is barely beating 
 (G)       (Dsus4) 
Dont take from me  
(G)   (Dsus4)   (A)             (g)       
All I want to do is lie in bed with you  
(G)    (Dsus4)     (A)       
All I really ever need is you  
(G)   (Dsus)    (A)               (G)    
All I got to do is give up all I have to be with you  
(repeat same chords 

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