Rick Danko

Tired of Waiting(Keyboard chords)

Rick Danko

Key: Dm

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	        Intro:  Dm  Am 
       Dm               Am 
I have wondered, I have worried                       
         Bb                   Dm 
And I've walked a complicated line  
I have hungered, I have hurried                       
         Bb             Dm 
And I've almost lost my mind                          
Feelin happiness, does not have to be                 
A smile of regret, that's left from behind            
C7                       F 
Had no choice, and could not speak a word             
But the picture is fading, and I'm tired of waiting ... 
There'll be faces at the doorway                      
Torn between the right and the wrong                  
And the road I have followed                          
Left me to sing an older man's song                   
Had no choice... 
by: Josť Duarte 
[email protected] 


Written by Jim Atkinson/Rick Danko

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