Professor Longhair

Get Up Early In The Morning(Keyboard chords)

Professor Longhair

Key: E

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	        Verse 1: 
I woke up early, early this mornin' 
'Cause I   can't sleep at night 
All on account of you darlin' 
B                   E 
  Why you won't act right? 
Verse 2: 
I wouldn't have my TV 
Said it was cause I got no 'lectricity 
I said no!  It seems I got a little lightnin' 
Comin' thru the roof, tonight! 
Right at Andy time. 
Verse 3: 
Sometimes I get so disgusted 
Hear (heed?) these words I say: 
Blues, pain, misery, heartache 
Why you act that way? 
Verse 4: 
Some time I feel that I'm 
So close to you 
Other times I feelin' nothin 
(couldn't make out next line... JB ramble away from mic) 
Verse 5: 
I know a little Junco 
Loaded as he could be 
Oh, found him all drunk and nasty 
Wobblin' on down the street 
Verse 6: 
You know when the boy was rich... money 
He had friends all over town 
Now he's smelly and broke 
Not a friend can be found 

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