Let's Dance Tonight(Keyboard chords)


Key: D

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	        D                     G  
Slippin' away headin' out to L.A. 
      D              G        D 
Gonna sing in city tonight, tonight 
D                     G 
Slippin' away headin' out to L.A. 
      D              G 
Gonna sing in city tonight 
     D                      G 
This rock 'n' roll feelin's got my head reelin' 
  D                      G 
A feelin' I know that is right 
     D          Bm           A 
So c'mon, let's dance, Let's dance 
And maybe if you like,We could be just like, 
Old friends that new friends could like 
'Cause only a few do what you can sure do 
And only a few do it right 
So c'mon, let's dance, let's dance tonight 
D                    A       Bm 
Just let me take you dancin' dancin' 
G					 D 
In the moonlight the summer night what a night 
                     A       Bm 
And baby while we're dancin' dancin' 
G                                            D  
We'll take our time and ease our minds come alive 
Yes baby while we're dancin', dancin' 
We can sing while guitars scream, we'll make a dream 
Then maybe while we're dancin', dancin' 
Remember then the feelin' when 
Verse 1 
C'mon, let's dance, ahhhh tonight 
C'mon, let's dance, ahhhh let's dance, tonight 
Let's dance, let's dance  
C'mon, C'mon, C'mon, let's dance, let's dance tonight 
C'mon let's dance, let's dance 
by: Josť Duarte 
[email protected] 

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