Pete Doherty

The Whole World Is Our Playground(Keyboard chords)

Pete Doherty

Key: G

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Intro: Ebm7 

Intro Verse: 
G                                      D 
If i could tell you how much that i love you 
Em                                        D 
Then you would know I would never be without you 
G                               D 
My only wish is to be there for you 
Em                                                         Ebm7 
Out after midnight walking in the moon light 

Ebm7                                              Cm 
Are you still bowlin' 'round after dark 
                          F                                               Bb 
Blowing your hope and your smoke in the rain 
Ebm7                                  Cm 
I lit a little fire off your chimney spark and 
    F                              Bb 
I knew I would - I'd never see you naked again. 

Cm D7 Ebm7 Aw but the whole world is our playground Cm D7 Ebm7 The whole world is our playground G E Take the night by the hand A and set it on fire again
verse 2: G Gm7 F Bb If i hear this on the radio then i swear I'll go out of my mind Ebm7 Cm F Bb I try not to think about you every minute or so but they -- they sold you as a price Chorus Riff x2 verse 3: G G7M I don't know I don't know I don't know C Cm D where to begin, a song from a hide-away G G7M But I know that you know and I know Cm C D you've been where I've been, seen what i've seen - too far away verse 4: G G7M C The kitchen light was too bright and the light of my mind is a sin C D C D It's killing me everyday - it's healing me everyday. Riff G Love, -- Sarah Tale

Written by Peter Doherty

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