Paul Anka

Lonely Boy (Ver. 2)(Keyboard chords)

Paul Anka

Key: C

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      C  A#  C                              G  Dm  G 
I'm just a lonely boy, lonely and blue, 
       G7  Dm G7                 C  A#  C  
I'm all alone , with nothing to do. 
       C  A#  C                         G  Dm  G 
I've got every thing, you could think of. 
    G7  Dm G7                          C  A#  C 
But all I want is someone to love. 
                                                    C                          G 
1. Someone, yes, someone to love, someone to kiss, 
                         G7                            C 
    someone to hold, at a moment like this. 
    I`d like to hear somebody say, 
                      G7                                C  A#  C 
    I'll give you my love, each night and day. 
                                                              C                        G 
2. Somebody, somebody, somebody please, send her to me, 
            G7                         C 
    I'll make her happy, just wait and see. 
    I prayed so hard to the heaven's above, 
                  G7                           C  A#  C 
    that I might find someone to love. 


Written by Paul Anka

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