Miranda Takaki

The Bottoms of Our Shoes(Keyboard chords)

Miranda Takaki

Key: Am

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Am7  Am7+ G in bass   Emaj7  Fmaj7 x2 
Verse 1: 
Am7                 Am7+ G          E7             Fmaj7 
Stare me down, shake me up for you only live once 
Am7               Am7+ G           E7               Fmaj7 
spoil me, turn me special. no one likes a bad sport. 
Am7               Am7+ G        E7            
i concluded long ago that your wires had been cut 
and that's a flaw 
Bridge 1:  
Dm                         Fmaj7 
I scratched the metal, and it cut me back 
Cmaj7                         Gmaj7 
where are the morals and the thanks? 
Dm                      Fmaj7 
and all the blankets of angst and promise 
wrap themselves around my head 
Cmaj7                  Em 
When you're speaking, don't hold your tongue 
           Fmaj7                Fm 
'cause the population likes to hear what you say 
Cmaj7                     Em 
and while you're livin', don't hold your breathe  
           Fmaj7                Fm                Am7 
'cause the door will only stay open for so long 
but when you're walkin' be careful who you step on 
                 Dm7      F7                           
then have the audacity to look to the bottoms of your shoes 
Am7, Am7+ G, Emaj7, Fmaj7 
Verse 2: 
Am7             Am7+ G              E7                  Fmaj7 
To avoid piercing sighs, keep your eyes straight ahead. 
Am7             Am7+ G         E7               Fmaj7 
burn me, cut me open. can't afford to be late. 
  Am7                Am7+ G 
I grind my coffee at midnight 
       E7                        Fmaj7 
and it waits for you there in styrofoam 
Bridge 2: 
Dm                      Fmaj7 
The clock is crying; he doesn't know when. 
    Cmaj7                 Gmaj7 
but it's okay 'cause the sun's still up. 
Dm                      Fmaj7 
your stares turn to the other direction  
and ice heats up and heartbeats melt 
{to look to the bottoms of your} shoes 
            Am                       Dmaj7 
and when they break, guess who'll be watchin' 
                Fmaj7          Fm     Dm7 
guess who'll be markin' their words 
          Am                 Dmaj7 
and when i break, i won't be askin', no. 
           Fmaj7    Fm 
i won't be askin'.  
Am7   Am7+ G  E7  Fmaj7 
Am7                   Am7 G        E7            Fmaj7     Am 
stare me down, shake me up for you only live once. 

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