Mindy McCready

Guys Do It All The Time(Keyboard chords)

Mindy McCready

Key: C

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Got in this morning at 4 am and you're as mad as you can be 
Well I was drinking and talking and you know how that goes time just slipped 
away from me 
By the time I knew what time it was it was to late to call home 
C                                    Dm                        G7 
Stop carrying on, acting like child. I wasn't doing anything wrong 

Bb C F C Guys do it all the time and you expect us to understand Bb C Bb G When the shoe is on the other foot you know that's when it hits the fan C F Get over it, honey, life's a two way street or you won't be a man of mine
G Bb C So I had beers with the girls last night Guys do it all the time repeat Intro C I know I left my clothes all over the place and I took your twenty bucks G No I didn't get the front yard cut cause I had to wash my truck F Will you bring me a cold one baby turn on the tv C Dm G7 we'll talk about this later there's a ball game I want to see. go to Chorus Bridge: F C You look like you just took a long look in the mirror F F# G Tell me, baby, if things don't look a whole lot clearer oooooo lead, repeat Chorus, go to ending Note: F#-G means to slide from F# to the G Ending: Bb C Bb C Yeah, Guys do it Yeah, guys do it all the time all the time Yeah, Guys do it Yeah, guys do it

Written by Kim Tribble/Bobby Whiteside

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