Merle Haggard

Carolyn(Keyboard chords)

Merle Haggard

Key: C

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	        (C) Carolyn (Dm) let me tell you what I heard (Em) about a man today 
He (F) didn't come home from work and he (C) went away 
(Dm) 'Til he came to a (C) city,   (F) bright in the (G7) nightime like (C) day 
There they say he met with some (Dm) women dressed in yellow and (Em) scarlet 
Their (F) warm lips like a honeycomb, (C) dripped with honey 
And (Dm) somethin' about the smell of (C) strange perfume 
(Dm) Made him feel warm (G7),   and not (C) alone 
Chorus (2x) 
(C) Yes Carolyn a man will do that (F)sometimes on his own 
And (C) sometimes (G7) when he's (C) lonely 
And I believe a man will do that (F) sometimes out of spite 
But (C) Carolyn, a man will do that (G7) always 
(F) When he's treated bad at home (C)  (between choruses)(C) (Dm)  (G)(F)(C)

Written by Tommy Collins

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