Matthew Fallentine

Around Your Throne(Keyboard chords)

Matthew Fallentine

Key: D

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Bm   A    D2 
Holy holy holy 
  G      A     Bm7 
Lord we bow in awe 
    Em       F#m7 
For You were slain 
    Bm  A     G 
And by Your blood 
    Em7                  Asus  A 
You purchased men for God 
Bm        A      D2 
Worship from all nations 
G       A         Bm 
Every tribe and tongue 
Em    F#m7  Bm    A      G 
Rising up before Your throne 
Em7              A7sus 
Let Your kingdom come 
G Around Your throne A Bm7 We will cry holy G A Bm7 For You alone deserve all glory G You are enthroned A Bm7 As we sing worthy Em7 Asus Jesus You reign in majesty A G A Bm7 To make You known in every nation G A Bm7 This is our cry our consecration G A Bm7 Send them Your light Your revelation Em7 A7sus For they are called to worship You A D C G D Around Your throne
1998 Integrity's Hosanna! Music All rights reserved. International copyright secured ********* You found it at E-Chords Submitted By: David Campbell Ontario Canada

Written by Matthew Fallentine / Darren Morehouse / Ross Parsley

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