Eat Your Words(Keyboard chords)


Key: C

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	        Intro: D  Em    

verse 1:  

F   G    Am  
Wait for us we come   
content in the   
G           Am  
back of the bus  
guilty of the time   
you spend serving  
  there's someone   
G                F G  
left to give you up  
           Am      F  
but you're not laboring   
the thought of   
G              Am  
something incomplete  
no one lives exception   
to this passing grief  
C G Dm         Em  
      unstable in your  
       F     G   (hold)  
voice agrees pleading   

C to me F you can't lie to me C Em Am G honestly C F to me i will eat your C words every tenth Em you got just numb
verse 2: F there's always G Am someone here for more F G i always listen to Am F act sense wasting time G while time is wasting you C Em and i never left i Dm just shut up still Em i can hear it from your F G (hold) mouth counting
C seconds F with a grain of hope C Em Am G unto thirst C F Julie you will eat your C words and your verbs and Em A you will fast disappear
Outro: F G Am F Dm Am F G Am F Dm Am F G Am F Dm Am Until fade out

Written by Joey Cape/Lagwagon

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