Johnny Cash

I saw a man (christian)(Keyboard chords)

Johnny Cash

Key: C/G

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	        Note: The C/G and F/C means that those are the bass notes. You pick 
them first and then strum the chord. 
Intro: C  C/G  C  C/G  F  F/C  F  F/C 
             C       C/G  
Last night I dreamed  
C  C/G   F   F/C   
An angel came  
F  F/C     C    C/G 
He took my hand  
C  C/G       F    F/C 
He called my name 
F  F/C    C   C/G 
He bid me look  
C   C/G   F  F/C 
The other way  
F  F/C  C  C/G   C  C/G 
I saw a man  
            F  F/C  F  F/C 
I heard him say 
He said if I be lifted up  
C             F 
I'll draw all men to me 
He turned and then  
I saw the nail-scared hand 
That bled for me 
I touched the hem of his garment  
C         F 
That fell round him there 
My life, my heart, I gave  
My soul was in his care 
Verse 2: 
       C       C/G  
When I Awoke  
C  C/G        F   F/C   
My Heart beat slow  
F  F/C     C    C/G 
And in the dark  
C C/G   F  F/C 
I saw a glow  
F   F/C       C    C/G 
This was no dream  
C  C/G       F   F/C 
he turned my way 
F  F/C  C     C/G 
Again I Heard  
C  C/G    F   F/C  F  F/C 
My Savior Say 
Repeat Chorus
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