John Fogerty

Hot Rod Heart(Keyboard chords)

John Fogerty

Key: E

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Ooo, let's go ridin', crusin' down the open road 
We can put the top down, listen to the radio 
Big old Buick and a big old sky 
Wheels on fire and I'll tell you why 
     B7              E 
I've   got a hot rod heart 
Verse 2: 
Ooo, let's go crawlin', sneakin' like we used to do 
Way back in the country, cut across the cornfields too 
Big old Harley and a big old moon 
Big old Gator puttin' on the zoom 
I've got a hot rod heart 
A E Got a one-way ticket to the open road, come on A Got a red line engine and I'm rarin' to go E Put the pedal to the metal B7 E If you wanna ride, if you wanna ride, let's go
(instrumental) (repeat verse 1 and chorus) (repeat and fade): Ooo, let's go ridin' _______________________________________________________ Contribuição: Robinson Soares Raffo([email protected])
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