Jami Smith

Bravo God(Keyboard chords)

Jami Smith

Key: E

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E A2 E A2 
Verse 1: 
E                     A2        E  A2 
The skies were made by your command 
E                 A2            E  A2 
You spoke the words and life began 
C#m                 A2 
You make the sun to rule by day 
C#m                      A2 
The moon and stars to shine by night 
And all of it was good in your sight 
E D A/F# Bravo, bravo God (3x) To Your Name
Verse 2: E A2 E A2 Man was made by holy breath E A2 E A2 He turned away from life and chose death C#m A2 You sent Your son to bear the shame C#m A2 The Lamb of God in sacrifice D And all of it was good in your sight
2: E D A/F# A Bravo bravo God (3x) To your Name We give you praise
Bridge: C#m Am Telling your story at the top of my lungs C#m Am Singing your praises for all that you?ve done Am Am And all that will come, and all that will come 2005 Soul Thirst Music/ASCAP All rights reserved. International copyright secured. ********* You found it at E-Chords Submitted By: David Campbell Ontario Canada

Written by Jami Smith / Janet Hubbell / Brennin Hunt

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