Jack Ingram

Attitude & Drivin'(Keyboard chords)

Jack Ingram

Key: D

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	        D            G  A              D    
Mile marker 595 just passed my window side 
  Bm                  G         A             D  
I didn't stop, didn't wonder why just kept on drivin' 
    D                     G          A                      D 
The sun's going down over San Antone, makes me wonder why I chose to roam 
          Bm                       G        A          D 
Yeah, the car's full but I'm still all alone while I'm drivin' 
A D Life's mostly attitude and drivin' A G A Mostly attitude and drivin'
There's a pickup truck parked on the side broke down after a million miles A black man stranded but he still smiles, he's thru drivin' And the water tower makes me think I see the city waitin' just ahead of me But another mile turns reality into somewhere I wish I could be Chorus Solo Well, there's no time for whiskey in my cup, the cop's waitin' just to pick me up Cause the tail light broke behind the pickup truck that I was drivin' But there's Tex/Mex music on the radio, it's a song I think I know A conjunto tune, it's played nice and slow, it helps me drivin' Chorus Solo Repeat verse 1

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