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You Are Worthy(Keyboard chords)

Hillsong Music Australia

Key: Dm

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Dm Dm/C G/B C 
Verse 1: 
      Dm           Dm/C   G/B      C 
Any crown I'd ever want I lay it down 
     Dm             Dm/C    G/B     C 
Any praise I'd ever gain, I give it all to You 
              Em             Em/D      A/C#       D 
For there's nothing in this world that can com - pare 
    G/B           D/C   C    A/C#            C 
For You alone are wor - thy, You alone are worthy 
Verse 2: 
You are near to all who call upon Your name 
Evergiving, Everloving You remain the same 
For You open up Your hand and satisfy 
I give You all the glory, give You all the glory 

Am7 Em G/D D You are worthy oh Lord of all hon - or Am7 Em C You are worthy to receive all praise Am7 Em In Your presence I live G/D D And with all I have to give C D/C C I will wor – ship You
Tag: C D/C C I will wor – ship You Em Honor You Am G/D D Glorify Your Holy name

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