Hank Williams Jr

If the South Woulda Won(Keyboard chords)

Hank Williams Jr

Key: C

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	        C If the south woulds won we'd a had it made  
 I'd probly run for presidend of the southern G7 state  
 The day Elvis passed away would be our C national holiday  
 Am If the C South would a won G we'd had a it C made  
 I'd made my supreme court down in texas  
 Would'nt have no killers get off G7 free  
 F7 They were proven guilty then C they would swing quickly  
 In stead of writin books and G smilin on T.{C} V.  
We'd all learn cajum cookin in Louisiana  and I'd put that capitol back in   
G7 Alabama  
We'd put F7 Florida on the right track cause We'd C take miami back  
and throw all them G pushers in the C slammers  
C G7 F C G7 C  
I'd have all the whiskey made in Tennessee and all the horses raised in thse   
Kentucky G7 hills the nations treasury would be in C Tupelo Mississippi  
and I'd put Hank Williams picture on G7 one hundred dollar C bills  
I'd have all cars made in the carolina's and I'd ban all the ones made in   
G7 China  
I'd have F7 every girl child sent to {C}Georgia to lean to smile and talk   
with that southern G7 accent it drives me C wild D  
I'd have all the fiddles made in Virginia cause they sure can make'em sound   
so A7 fine  
I'm goin G7 up on Wolverton mountain and D see ol Clinton Powers and have   
a sip of his A7 good ol Arkansas D wine  
If the south woulda won we'd had it made  
I'd probbly run for president of the southern A7 state  
When G7 Patsy Cline passed away thatwould D be our mationsal Bm holiday  
If the D south woulda won A7 we'd a had it D made

Written by Hank Williams, Jr.

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