Guy Clark

Anyhow I Love You(Keyboard chords)

Guy Clark

Key: G

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F                             C 
I wish I had a dime for every bad time 
        F                F/A              Dm      G 
but the bad times always seem to keep the change 
F                                       C 
You been all alone so you know what I'm sayin' 
   F                F/A           Dm     G 
so when all you can recall is the pain 
C F Just you wait until tomorrow when you wake up with me C F G at your side and find I haven't lied about nothin' C F I wouldn't trade a tree for the way I feel C F C about you in the mornin', anyhow I love you
Everyday it gets just a little bit better And half the gettin' there is knowin' where I been before I'm sure you understand 'cause I ain't your first man so when you feel like runnin' for the back door...don't Chorus

Written by Guy Clark

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