Gurf Morlix

Torn In Two(Keyboard chords)

Gurf Morlix

Key: F#m

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	        F#m       D      E 
There’s a tattoo on my shoulder 
F#m       D     E 
There’s a story under my skin 
F#m D     E 
Put there to remind me 
F#m    D         E 
Of the shape you left me in 
I took the Ford cause it was rainin’ 
I went down Chippewa Road 
I picked it out from the window 
Just like a thousand fools before 
D E A I got a heart that’s torn in two D E A So everyone can see D E A I’m nothin’ without you D E A My heart’s been torn in two
Solo I was talkin’ all about you As if it mattered to him He sighed and said I know her Drew it on and colored it in Chorus Solo I put a thousand miles on my motor I broke down in Bowlin’ Green Find a girl who thinks just like you I gotta find some gasoline Chorus

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