Great Divide

Out Of Love(Keyboard chords)

Great Divide

Key: F

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E                           A 
I watch her move across the floor 
B                      E 
My God she’s doin’ it again 
E                           A 
She’s dancing closer than before 
B                             E 
With another of her so called friends 
E                               A 
I’ve seen that look before from her 
B                           E 
He’s got no idea he’s being used 
E                                A 
To help her waltz out of someone else’s life 
B        A            B        E 
Man I’ve danced there in those shoes 

E A She’s falling out of love again B E Into the arms of another man E A Her mind can change just like the wind B A B E When she falls out of love again
She makes it easy to believe, that the dance will never end But as he pulls her closer in, she’ll close her eyes and just pretend That he’s the man she’s always wanted but everything will feel so right Man I know because I once held her, just like he’s holding her tonight Chorus And she don’t care whose heart she spins When she falls out of love again

Written by Mike McClure

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