George Strait

Holding My Own(Keyboard chords)

George Strait

Key: D

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	        (can play in E with no Capo) 
          D                D7 
There are people who don't know me 
    G                   D 
Who must think I got it made 
From all outward appearances 
  E7                  A 
I guess it looks that way 
     D                       D7 
I've got good friends and family 
     G                D 
They let me know they care 
        G              D 
I got a job to keep me going 
      A             D 
And a car to get me there 
A G A D I'm holding my own, but I'd rather be holding you A G A D I can make it alone, but not like I made it with you Bm G A D Without here, this house just ain't no home G G/F# Em A D How long can I go on holding my own
There's brand new show that's playing At the movies down the street I'll probably go there after work Then stop somewhere to eat I got cable on my TV And I'll leave her on all night While I doze off to sleep and dream that I'm alright Chorus How long can I go on holding my own
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