Garth Brooks

Why Ain't I Running (with Lead Tabs)(Keyboard chords)

Garth Brooks

Key: A

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	        Parts of this solo or 'break' since it's not much 
are played with a slide I believe, but it sounds 
fine without one. I try to get the outro one of these 
1st Verse:  
I can hear that highway calling 
       D                                             A 
As I watch the sunrise crawling across her shoulder 
This is usually goodbye 
                D                                       A 
And yet those words I just can't find here as I hold her 
She's like no other woman 
That I have ever known before 
And it ain't me to see the morning sun 
From this side of the door 

A D F#m E Why Ain't I running, Why Ain't I gone A D F#m E How Does she hold me without holding on D *Lick 1 E In love or a fight, she's stronger than strong F#m D Something's not right if there ain't nothing wrong A D E It's got me wondering, why ain't I running A A D A D Why Ain't I Gone
2nd Verse: A All those worlds I left behind me D A Praying they would never find me and my freedom A But if they stood right here beside me D A They would never recognize me for all that she's done D Once happiness was only E Whenever I was on my own D So now why do I feel lonely E Anytime that I'm alone Chorus Solo A D A E A D A E D No they've never built a wall that high E Or made a chain that strong D And God ain't never made a place E I felt like I belong Chorus *Lick 1 This lick is played in the chorus (In love or in fight...)

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