All right now(Keyboard chords)


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Key: A

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	        Intro - A D A, D D D, A x2      

         A        D   A   
There she stood in the street,   
Dsus2           D           A   
Smiling from her head to her feet,   
      A         D  A   
I said Hey, what is this?   
             Dsus2       D         A   
Now baby, may be she's in need of a kiss.   

         A              D    A   
I said Hey, what is your name baby?   
Dsus2       D              A   
Maybe we can see things the same,   
Dsus2                D       A   
Now don't you wait or hesitate,   
          Dsus2        D        A   
Let's move before they raise the parking rate, Oh!   

A          G            D           A   
All right now, Baby it's all right now,   
A          G            D           A   
all right now, baby it's all right now.   

A   D         A          G   D7    A   

Intro - A D A, D D D, A x2     

           D       A  D   
I took her home to my place   
Dsus2          D          A   
Watching ev'ry move on her face,   
         A                 D    A   
She said Look, what's your game, baby?   
        Dsus2     D         A   
are you tryin' to put me in shame?   

       A     D           A   
I said slow, don't go so fast,   
Dsus2           D             A   
don't you think that love can last?   
A              D    A   
She said Love, Lord above,   
Dsus2            D            A   
now you're tryin' to trick me in love.   

Chorus - - -    


Written by Paul Rodgers, Andy Fraser

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