Flying Burrito Brothers

Colorado(Keyboard chords)

Flying Burrito Brothers

Key: G

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	        G   D  Em     G7     C           G    D 
Hey Colorado  it was not so long ago^¿ 
G D         Em       G7 C               G  G7 
I left your mountain to try life on the road 
        C                  G    G7      C               G   G7 
Now I'm finished with that race it  was much too fast a pace 
       C               G G7    C                   G     D  Em D 
And I think I know my place Colorado I wanna  come home 
G     D     Em    G7    C            G      D 
There was a woman but I left her far behind 
G  D         Em    G7       C            G   G7 
I could have loved her if I only had the time 
      C                 G G7     C              G   G7 
But I stopped along the way just long enough to say 
         C                     G G7 
Lord I'd really really like to stay 
       C                      G D Em D 
But my lady knows I've got to go 
Em D   C   G      Em        D    C     G 
I  was too young  to   know what I've done 
Em D   C  G               F     D7 
I made my plans but I was wrong yes I was wrong 
G    D    Em G7         C                 G         D 
Hey Colorado  is it too late to change my mind 
G    D         Em       G7      C              G   G7 
I've done some thinking and I'm trying hard to find 
C                     G        G7 
The way to come back home 
        C                 G     G7 
Oh I've been so very long alone 
          C                 G   G7    C                     G 
Won't you take care of your own Colorado I think I'm coming home 
Burrito Brothers   Cody Cody    written by  Hillman/Parsons/Leadon 
D    A               D                     E          A      G 
Cody Cody I hear you say I hear your voice calling me away 
D7                                      G   E 
I'm not afraid to think of what I might find 
          D          A      G           D 
I will be yours will you be mine 
D              A                    D 
We've all been young we've all been old 
                     E            A       G 
We've all been sheltered from the cold 
D7                                             G         E 
Come to my side and say what I think I already know 
          D              A       G      D 
I'm going away don't you want to go 
D              A                D                     
I remember the face that Harvey drew it was of a man 
E                  A      G 
That my eyes saw thru 
D7                                    G       E 
Come by my side before the evening is gone 
              D          A     G            D 
And see where else this body's flown

Written by Rick Roberts

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