Emmerson Nogueira

Mother Nature's Son(Keyboard chords)

Emmerson Nogueira

Key: D

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	        D        G                 D  A/C# 
Born a poor young country boy 
Bm      Bm/A    E/G# 
Mother narure's son 
A   D/A  A 
All day long 
D/A  A         D/A   A         D/A     D 
I'm sitting singing songs for everyone 
Sit beside a mountain stream 
See her waters rise 
Listen to 
The pretty sound of music as she flies 
D         G  D  G  D  D7  G  Gm  D 
Tu Tu Tu Tu... 
Find me in my field of grass 
Mothes nature's son 
Swaying daisies 
sing a lazy song beneath the sun 
Tu Tu Tu... 
Mother nature's son 

Contribuição: Milton Lima Oliveira([email protected])

Written by Paul McCartney & John Lennon

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