Eleven Hundred Springs

Sad And Lonesome Song(Keyboard chords)

Eleven Hundred Springs

Key: D

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	        Eleven Hundred Springs:  
Sad And Lonesome Song

D A In the sky there's a bird, G D And he cannot speak a word, D A But when he wants to be heard, A D A He can sing, D A And if I can't talk to you, A G D I will do the same thing too, D A And hope you hear the words are true, A G When I sing
A Another sad and lonesome song, A G D Of a love that's gone wrong, D A But this time the words are ringin oh so true, A I'll sing another sad and lonesome tune, A G D And as I look up at the moon, D G G D I'll ask it to sing this song down on you
D A On this stage in this bar, A G D Now I wonder where you are, D A Sittin by his side ridin in his car, A D A And wearin his ring, A D A I'm not up here on my own A G D But you can bet I feel alone, D A Cause since you left a sad sad song, A G D Is all I sing Repeat Chorus

Written by Matt Hillyer

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