Dixie Chicks

Voice Inside My Head (with capo)(Keyboard chords)

Dixie Chicks

Key: C#

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Intro:  A Em7 D A (twice) 
(A)I was only a Em7kid, When I (D)said goodbye to (A)you 
(A)Ten summers Em7ago, but it (D)feels like yester(A)day 
(A)Lost scared and Em7alone, nothing (D)I could give to (A)you 
I (A)tried, I really Em7did 
But I couldn't (D)find another (A)way 
(Em)And I want, and I (G)need 
(D)Some how to be(A)lieve 
In the (Em)choice I (G)made 
Am I (D)better of this (A)way 
(D)I can hear the Em7voice inside my (A)head 
(D)Saying you should be (A)with me in(Em7)stead 
(D)Every time I'm (A)feeling Em7down 
I wonder, (D)What would it be (A)like with you (Em)around 
A G D G 
A G D A 
Repeat for each verse? 

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