Dallas Holm

Completely Taken In(Keyboard chords)

Dallas Holm

Key: D

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	        Intro: D Bm G D A D 
         Bm  A      Bm        A            D 
Verse 1: Out there, somewhere in the night 
	 Bm    A    Bm      A             D 
	 Searching, looking for the light 
	 Am G    Am     G             D 
	 He came in the nick of time. 
	 Bm A      Bm    G                  D 
	 He said, 'Child come and be mine.' 
G D Chorus: Completely taken in G D Entirely forgiven of my sins Bm G It took God's love to find me as lost as I have been. D A D I've been completely taken in.
Bm A Bm A D Verse 2: Right here, this is where I stay. Bm A Bm A D He will never go away. Am G Am G D Always, He will be my friend. Bm A Bm G D For us, there will be no end. {Chorus} Am G Bridge: He never questioned where I've been. E A He took me by the heart and said, 'Come on in.' {Chorus} Outro: Bm G D {play to the end... about 8 times}

Written by Dallas Holm/Phil Johnson

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