Some Dreams(Keyboard chords)


Key: B

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verse 1: 
C     B/C  Am          F     
Michael....Michael the archangel, I 
   C   B/C  Am          F  
forgive you....for the deadly arrow, 
C     B/C  Am          F  
that you....shot those years ago, leaving 
C     B/C  Am          F  
me alone....'cause fin'ly I've met you 

C F C feeling a day brand new Am F some dreams G G really do come true F G yeah, I love you- I love you so
Verse 2: C B/C Am F Michael....I played a song for you, C B/C Am F I played though....I'd something else to do Chorus Bridge: F G come close....come near.... F G I diapears-my fear....fear

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