Boy Howdy

True To His Word(Keyboard chords)

Boy Howdy

Key: D

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	        Intro: (D) (E) (A) 
(D) He said he'd (E) always stand be(A)side you 
(D) He swore that (E) he would never (A) leave 
But a promise that's (D) made 
And a promise that's (A) kept 
That's the (E) difference between him and (A) me 
 	 I'll be (D) true to his (A) word 
 	 The heart he (E) broke, I will (A) earn 
 	 And in my (D) arms, you'll love a(A/C#)gain 
 	 You can reast (Bm) assured 
 	 (E) I'll be true to his (A) word  
(D)  (E)  (A) 
(D) You built a (E) wall out of, his (A) memory 
(D) That brick by (E) brick - I'll break th(A)rough 
For every (D) lie 
He ever (A) told 
I'll spend a (E) lifetime proving to (A) you 
He's a (D) tough act to (A) follow 
He's a (E) master of the (A) art 
But if you'll (D) just have some faith 
It's his (G) words against my (E) heart 
(A/C#) Believe everything you've (Bm) heard 
(E) I'll be true to his (D) word (D) (E) (A)
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